If your heatpump is over 12 months old, it is time to have it professionally cleaned. The long life of your heat pump depends on it being kept in proper working order. Regular heat pump maintenance also is the key to keeping it operating at its peak efficiency. Maintenance, on a regular schedule, pays for itself. This is not an empty expense; it’s an investment in your equipment and in keeping your operating costs low.


Cleaning your filter is only a fraction of the job. Without thorough cleaning, heatpumps lose efficiency, cost you more to run and do not keep your air clean.


Having a regular maintenance programme in place (just as you would for your car), will ensure;

- improved power savings

- improved air quality

- elimination of odours

- smoother running

- an increased life span of unit


During our annual service visit we undertake a 10 point service check:


1/ Clean & disinfect the systems' coils.

2/ Clean & disinfect drain pipes & condensate pumps if fitted.

3/ Clean air filters.

4/ Check electrical circuit of the system.

5/ Check for any refrigerant leakage.

6/ Check the systems fault diagnosis.

7/ Check temperature readings.

8/ Check systems general operation.

9/ Check noise levels.

10/ Instruct on any operational & maintenance requirements if necessary.



Below is a checklist of things you can do on your own between your regular professional maintenance.


Clean your air filter. A clean filter will protect your heat pump from damage and keep it running efficiently. If you haven’t cleaned your filter in a while, do that now and check on it every month.

Clear the area around your outdoor unit. Debris might have accumulated on or around your heat pump’s outdoor unit. Remove any leaves, twigs or other debris that you notice on your unit and remember not to plant anything within a few feet of it.

Rinse off your condenser unit. Although we’ll thoroughly clean your condenser unit during your maintenance, you might want to rinse it every so often if you notice dirt building up on it. You can do this with a hose when the unit is not running, but make sure not to use high water pressure that can bend the fins.

Contact us below to arrange a maintenance service visit.

Call us on 06 358 0896
Email at sales@jrl.co.nz
Visit our working showroom at 175 John F Kennedy Drive, Palmerston North.

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